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Hi everybody.

I will briefly tell you a sad story about a young girl with her horse.

I was riding a riding stables and when I was a year or 14, I saw a stallion run in the classes. He was fiery and threw someone like this, he was wild like a real wild stallion. Dark brown with some light brown, I fell in love at one glance! Wuppie was his name and I made sure I fired the first class of my horse so that I could choose wuppie to drive up. I had driven them to spicy horses, so they did not get it hard. For a year we fought, felled, cried and had fun. After a year he had surrendered to me. He did not go to me when I got his stable. He did not go anymore when I wanted to ride his saddle. And more beautiful, I could drive him without a hitchhiking. She called him the rodeo horse. I managed to stay for 20 seconds when putting down handstands. His fun was so fast. Only i had to drive him Others threw him off. I soon saw him as my horse. When he was annoying I was called to 'tammen wuppie' When he was 10, and so 16, he died of a very fragile bone fracture ... I was not there and could not stand it, but was called that he had gone. I got his blanket and headstool. With the front strap that was only suitable for his tight head. After all, I drove a lot of horses, but no one was as nice and amazing as wuppie.

As a tribute to this amazing stallion, I want to make a portrait of him in dotwork.

So I started sketching him, this will be an unwise long job because I'm going to try to keep Wuppie as realistic as possible. I hope you like the process. I also film everything of course. It's something different than I usually make, but maybe that's just a very nice challenge.6443903_149985161321_o.jpg


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