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New here

2017-06-29 16:21:09 by LoredanaTattoo

Hi everyone!! 
I'm new on Newgrounds.
I have been on Deviantart my whole life and wanted to find something new i could share my art with.
I found this website from Drawwithjazza on Youtube. Amazing guy and funny to look at!
I also create my own timelapse videos and try to find out what my life will be heading (hopefully the artsy way)
soooo here am I then!! All the way from The Netherlands (yes europe) hopinh to share my art with you guys and enjoy your arsty stuff too!

I'm a starting tattooartist in the Dotwork and Traditional art and try myself to find a way in this art.
Tips and tricks comments are always very welcome!
maybe even give a look at my youtube channel. (that would always be nice of course)

I hope you enjoy my art (:


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2017-06-29 16:39:15

Welcome to Newgrounds, kid, I'm your friendly neighborhood barbarian. Just stick with me and you'll do fine. Cafeterias to the left, locker rooms to the right. Just stay away from the rice pudding and you'll do fine.

Glad to have ya aboard!

LoredanaTattoo responds:

Thank you kindly!
What is wrong with the rice pudding?


2017-06-29 18:50:56

There's nothing wrong with it. The stuff is fantastic. KuFuSpaBa just likes to discourage everyone else from buying it so that there's plenty left for him when he arrives for lunch.

Um, tips and tricks comments? Ok, uh, in case you're wondering, all artists must be scouted before their work is posted to the Art Portal. Don't make the same mistake as a lot of other new members have done in the past and ask to be scouted. Never ask to be scouted. Just post your work, casually chat with other members (that alone helps gain fans, which, in turn, means more exposure for your stuff), and provide reviews whenever you're checking out other artists. Nearly everyone loves seeing reviews on their content and will commonly return the favor. That's a quick way to build friendships, too... if you're the social type (I'm usually not). If it ever feels like you still don't gain enough views for your art, try participating in the events this site regularly has... especially the NG-specific holidays, like Pico, Clock, or Madness Day. Wait, was that what you meant by "tips and tricks"? I tend to misinterpret things like that.

Oh, hello, btw. Also, howdy and/or hi. Possibly even salutations, but I can't spell that word correctly so I won't use it.

LoredanaTattoo responds:

Thanks alot for you comment. I'm not usually a really social indeed xD i was when i was younger. But i gai ed to hate everyone when i was getting older hahaha.
Thanks for all the tips i really appreciate it (: and i will deffinitly do something with it !